Casado in Jaco

The Casado is a beloved and hearty signature dish of Costa Rica, known for its rich flavors and versatility. Typically enjoyed during lunchtime, the casado is a nutritious meal that incorporates seasonal ingredients, making it a popular choice among locals and visitors alike.

The history of casados can be traced back to Costa Rican laborers who used to bring banana leaf-wrapped packets of vegetables and meat to work, lovingly prepared by their wives. Over time, these protein-packed meals evolved into the casado platters that are widely enjoyed today.

With its varied combinations of rice, beans, meat or fish, vegetables, and plantains, the casado offers a satisfying and balanced meal. It’s often served with a side of tangy Lizano sauce, which adds an extra layer of flavor to the dish. The casado exemplifies the traditional Costa Rican cuisine, showcasing the country’s rich culinary heritage and the use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Whether you’re a food enthusiast or a traveler looking to experience the authentic flavors of Costa Rica, the casado is a must-try dish that embodies the heartiness, flavor, and cultural significance of Costa Rican cuisine.”

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The Meaning Behind Casado By Bar Tequila Jaco

The term “casado” in Spanish translates to “married” or “married man,” and it affectionately pays homage to the wives who used to prepare meals for their working husbands. Another interpretation of the name is that the dish “marries” together a diverse range of delicious foods.

The casado is a quintessential Costa Rican lunch dish that typically consists of rice, (black) beans, protein, and vegetables, all served on a single plate. As lunch is the main meal of the day in Costa Rica, the casado holds a special place in Costa Rican cuisine. It provides sustenance until the next coffee time (between 4-6 pm) and then carries people through to bedtime, as Costa Ricans typically have a light dinner or may not have dinner at all.

With its simple yet flavorful components, the casado encapsulates the traditional flavors and dietary customs of Costa Rica. It’s a beloved dish that reflects the cultural significance of food in Costa Rican daily life and pays tribute to the roles of families and relationships in the country’s culinary heritage.

The Origins of Casado in Costa Rica

The history of casado in Costa Rica is traced back to the 1960s when there was a notable increase in the number of people, mostly men, who migrated to the capital city of San Jose for work. These individuals would often have to eat lunch away from their homes and would frequent small sodas, where a single woman would cook for many people.

Costa Ricans, known as “Ticos,” are known for their hearty appetites, and they would often request larger portions than what was initially served. In response, the cocineras (cooks) would jokingly refer to these diners as their “casado” or “husband,” as they would always ask for more food, just like their husbands at home.

This playful banter eventually led to the creation of the casado meal, which became a popular and beloved lunchtime staple in Costa Rican cuisine. The casado reflects the warmth and hospitality of Costa Rican culture, with its generous portions and the tradition of enjoying a satisfying and filling meal, much like a home-cooked meal shared with family.

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